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The Achievers

The Achievers’ band leader Steve Ferbrache had no intention of being in a band, let alone leading one. After busking around the coffee houses of New York, Boston and Philadelphia and a decade or so on the London Blues & Roots scene (where he opened for James Hunter, Seasick Steve and others) he figured he was a solo act, and always would be. That was to change in 2013 when two separate chance encounters brought him together with drummer Aron Attwood and Harmonica player Rufus Fry – at that time they were all strangers to each other.

Jerry Joseph

Jerry Joseph is a musician who lives in Portland Oregon, but he’s often gone. He’s been inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame but is still rather obscure to a lot of people. He plays well over 150 shows a year in the usual places. Across America. Sometimes in Europe, Mexico, and Central America. Then there’s these other places he plays—Lebanon, Israel, Kurdish Iraq, India, and Afghanistan. All over the Middle East, often in war zones and refugee camps.

Son of Dave

Son of Dave is a Bluesman. Not traditional, but has begun a new tradition perhaps. Playing harmonica, layering up beatbox grooves, stomping and playing percussion, then writing passionate growling infectious songs overtop, he defies category. A truly maverick Bluesman.