Foxlowe Galleries and Exhibitions

The Foxlowe Arts Centre has three exhibition spaces, the Gallery on the first floor, Cafe gallery in the Drawing Room cafe and spaces in the buildings ground floor hallways.

The Gallery open Wednesday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm

current exhibition

Hosting around 6-8 exhibitions a year, usually running for 6 weeks The Gallery is always worth visiting. The Gallery is completely staffed by volunteer stewards.

Drawing Room Gallery open Monday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm

Current Exhibition

The Cafe Gallery holds a variety of smaller exhibitions of local artists along the cafe walls.

Hallway Gallery open Monday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm

The exhibitions in the Hallways of the Foxlowe are often displays of local school artwork featuring a topic or theme, the relationships with the schools is looked after by volunteers from the Foxlowe Arts Centre.

The Upper Gallery

Foxlowe Arts Centre’s main exhibition space

Peak Vision Arts Exhibition, the Upper Gallery | Sat 6th April to Saturday 18th May

Peak Vision Arts Exhibition

Foxlowe Arts Centre Upper Gallery

A lovely new collection from four local artists: Jan Hoyle, Ingrid Karlsson, Louise Neilson and Julia Brownsword.

Jan Hoyle uses the traditional method of wet felting as an expressive art form. The inspiration for her work is derived from the rural landscape and her connection to it.

Ingrid Katarina Karlsson is a mixed media artist widely known for her narrative style, inspired by the landscapes of the Peak District as well as her Swedish roots.

Louise started her love affair with clay when she signed up to a night school class in 2000 and hasn’t looked back since! Since moving to the High Peak in 2015 Louise has been inspired by its beauty ever since.

A mixed media artist, Julia Brownsword takes her inspiration from a passion ignited by the landscape in which she runs and cycles. The tranquillity of the countryside opens her eyes to the beauty, joy and freedom of nature.

Contact Julia Brownsword. 07974886475;

The Gallery will be open from Wednesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm each week, and the first Sunday in each month, 11am to 4pm.


Carole Cluer, the Drawing Room Gallery | Sat 11 Sept to Sat 6 Nov 2021

“Graphite Drawings by Carole Cluer”

Welcome to Foxlowe Art Centre’s Drawing Room’s third exhibition of 2021.

Carole Cluer is an artist based in a village in Staffordshire

Primarily working in graphite pencil she hopes that her realistic drawings will encourage the viewer to consider life from a different point of view. She enjoys creating different series of work that will focus on a subject that is always close to her heart.

Social Life Series

Whilst on holiday in Spain Carole noticed three women paddling, fully made up and wearing glamorous jewellery, they were holding hands and laughing.

No waiting to fit into a size 10 before venturing on to the beach for them, they were busy loving life. She began to notice the lack of phones and gadgets, and the predominance of fun.

This light hearted series considers how life is in danger of being lived through social media and highlights how a full life goes on beyond selfies, hashtags and likes.

Because we are all beach ready…

The Kintsugi Series

An ongoing series focussing on portraits of people who have physical scars.  However it is not the scars that are of primary importance rather the sitter’s relationship with them and the events surrounding them.

The work is a celebration of the passge of life and the traces it leaves behind on us all and how our imperfections can lead to a new, more authentic and substantive beauty.

The Kintsugi series invites the viewer to look within their own life to consider their own physical and emotional scars, to reevaluate their own self-image and to recognise a connection with others.

Carole Cluer

Carol Cluer, Foxlowe Solo Show

Exhibition in The Drawing Room Gallery