Riverwoods: an untold story 

Riverwoods is the story of a fish that lives in the forest. And of the soil that feeds the forest. And of the predators, scavengers and even herbivores of the forest. Scotland’s Atlantic salmon – the King of Fish – is not only the ultimate angler’s prize, but a key building block in a complex forest ecosystem. But in return, salmon need the support of a rich and diverse landscape that stretches far beyond the banks of the river.  Over many centuries, the loss of Scotland’s natural woodlands, and much of the wildlife that shaped them, has profoundly changed our rivers and their ability to support the huge salmon runs that once flourished. Today, this magnificent creature, so symbolic of Scotland’s spectacular, cascading rivers, is threatened like never before.   Narrated by Peter Capaldi.

We’re delighted to announce that the film will be followed by a short talk from from Nick Mott of the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.

“Nick is a freshwater ecologist and has worked with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust for 27 years. He’s happiest with his waders on exploring our rivers, streams and wetlands and the creatures that call them home. Nick is particularly fond of invertebrates associated with woody debris and gravel shoals in headwater streams. In partnership with an eclectic cast of landowners, geomorphologists, sponsors, work colleagues and digger drivers, he has led on the delivery of over 50 river restoration schemes. Over the years, he has undertaken a series of sabbaticals, secondments and study trips to be inspired and to learn from practitioners in Scotland, the USA, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia and Albania.”


UK, 2022 55 min. Free entry, donations welcome.

Admission free, although donations are welcome.

Co-hosted by Moorlands Climate Action


Cinema located on first floor – regrettably no disabled access.

Licensed bar, hot drinks available from 7 pm.

There will be a fairtrade stall in the bar before the film.


Doors: 7:00pm

Film starts: 7:45pm



Oct 26 2022


Doors open 7:00pm
7:45 pm


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