Make Your Banner, Join our March

Taking place on the 6th November 2021, the Global Day of Action will see millions coming together from all over the world to demand change from leaders at COP26. We need urgent solutions to combat the nature and climate emergency that affects us, the wildlife and the surrounding landscapes that we all love.
The purpose of the Global Day of Action is to unite all climate activists and groups around a common goal: to demand governments and corporations limit global temperatures to 1.5°C and deliver real and just solutions to the climate crisis. This will be a historic moment in history as we give nature a voice. The walk coincides with the World Climate March (a virtual 1.5km or 2000 step) walk for climate justice, representing the 1.5C or close to global temperature rise limit for global warming as established by the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. Our leaders must be reminded of their commitment to this legally binding international treaty.
Moorlands Climate Action are a community group based in the Staffordshire Moorlands. The group works with local residents, businesses, councils and wider partners to help to mitigate against climate change in the Moorlands and beyond. The voluntary group has several teams including youth engagement, sustainable consumer, nature, energy, transport, communications and events. Moorlands Climate Action are hopeful that we can be part of the solution to this climate emergency which we are facing now.
As world leaders gather for the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, Moorlands Climate Action will be staging a walking demonstration around Leek as part of the Global Day of Action. Join residents of the Staffordshire Moorlands on a walking parade in Leek as part of the Global Day of Action on Saturday, November 6th 2021 assembling from 10:30am to design banners (between the Foxlowe Arts Centre and Leek Town Council, in the Foxlowe Rainbow Room if it’s wet) followed by the walk beginning at 11:30am. This is a family friendly event, all are welcome. Please tell your friends and get in touch with us if you want to get involved! At our end destination of the walk (at Sparrow Park, see map), we will see performances from local musicians and poets who will share what climate change and climate justice means to us locally and globally.
Individuals, communities, organisations, charities (including WWF, RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts, Centre for Alternative Technology, etc), faith groups, trade unions around the world will be raising their voice on that day to let governments and corporations know that urgent action is needed on global warming. Everyone is welcome to join this peaceful yet determined walk through Leek Town Centre. The walkers can hold banners, signs and placards helping to visually share the purpose of the walk.
Governments and companies have been talking for years about action, yet doing far too little, far too late.
Even Queen Elizabeth II said “It’s really irritating when they talk, but they don’t do” (14th October 2021).
This decade is the crucial decade if action is to be taken to avert catastrophic damage to the planet that we live in and our children will inherit.
Please join us in raising our voices in asking for ACTION, NOW.
Action at a global level.
Action at a national level.
And action, here and now, in the Moorlands.
If you are a musician or singer and would like to perform at this event please let us know in advance – call or text 07494 738 939


Nov 06 2021


March starts at 11:30am
10:30 am




Council Offices Fountain, Leek, Staffordshire or Rainbow Room, Foxlowe


Moorlands Climate Action