Kevin, King of Egypt

Following “The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit” back in August, we’re delighted to bring Rob Gee’s next theatre/ comedy/ spoken word show to the Foxlowe..

Escaped psychiatric patient Kevin Haggerty is not pleased about his diagnosis, even less pleased about being sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and distinctly upset about being told he is not the reincarnation of the pharaoh Ramses II. On his way to Egypt, via the Tesco Express, he stumbles across the nemesis to all his plans: Millie – a lost six-year-old. Together they embark on a journey that changes both their lives forever.

Written and presented by comic, poet and psych nurse Rob Gee, ‘Kevin, King of Egypt’ is a comedy about an unlikely friendship between an escaped psychiatric patient and a lost six-year old girl. The narrative running through several interconnected stories is that the state of our mental health doesn’t have to define how decent we are.

Like “The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit”, this show offers a unique view of life inside a psychiatric institution. Kevin’s story is immensely funny but also, at points, desperately sad.

Delightful… Gee finds humour and heart among the humanity.” Orlando Sentinel

This marvellous show isn’t at all what it initially seems to be, much like the characters themselves… we are led into a world inhabited by several characters, all delivered in beautifully measured tones… beautifully realised, this show is a treat.” Fringe Review, UK

Hilarious… a captivating show, bound to simultaneously break hearts and lift spirits.” Vue Weekly, Alberta

Tickets, £13.00, available at the Foxlowe and online, with booking fee, from

Presented in association with Live&Local.


Apr 21 2022


7:30 pm