Impromptu Shakespeare

Sad that Shakespeare hasn’t written anything new for over 400 years?

Well, hold onto your doublets, ruffs and trunk hose. The Bard is back!

With story and verse improvised in the moment, enjoy a riotous new Shakespeare play every time – performed by Impromptu Shakespeare’s whip smart cast.    Buxton Fringe Comedy Event Award Winner 2021.

​Packed with priceless wit, lyrical smarts, romance, and a dash of double-crossing, this leading ensemble do the Bard proud with a brand new hit every time, inspired by audience suggestions.

This is a very special show: sharp, witty, lively, and very very funny. It also gave us three performers at the top of their game, teasing each other and us the audience. […]  Of course we are not getting anything like Shakespeare, though we do get some of the dialogue and expressions we know in amongst the (mostly verbal) mayhem. They are very clever, they work wonders with a piece which develops as it goes along, they make us laugh – and each other too.” – Buxton Fringe review last year

Tickets £10.00 available online now. 
Show lasts about an hour – it’s a Friday so this is the perfect way to start your weekend …..
And here’s a trailer for it …


Jul 07 2023


7:30 pm

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