XY Chelsea (15)  

After causing the largest leak of secrets in US history, when she disclosed 750,000 documents to Wikileaks, ex-soldier and trans woman Chelsea Manning was supposed to spend 35 years in an all-male military prison. But in 2017 President Obama commuted her sentence, in an unprecedented move that divided the US and the world. The film follows her as she leaves prison, after seven years inside, and begins a new life, whilst at the same time having to deal with the far-reaching consequences of her past; the historic leaks that lead to her prison sentences, the unintended celebrity status that is thrust on her as one of the world’s most notorious whistleblowers, and transitioning to become the woman she has always known herself to be.

“Manning is a tremendous example of personal bravery and integrity, and of the power of directing one’s own unhappiness (whatever the source) into positive action. Comfortable people have little motivation to take on the world.” Flick Filosopher

started as a project about prisoners that were unfilmable…”  Mark Kermode, BBC Five Live

USA 2019 93 min  Free entry – donations welcome.


Dec 11 2019


Doors open 7:00pm
7:45 pm




Foxlowe Arts Centre
Market Place, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 6AD