The Super Skank!

7 Fantastic Bands and an awesome Vinyl DJ!.

3.30pm DJ mummy funk – classic vinyl selection

4pm –   Dapper Cadavers: A 4 piece band performing original material, with a unique take on Reggae, Ska and Punk. The band have been performing together for ten years, having built up a great fan base in South West Wales

5pm – Broken 3 ways: Wirral-based 4-piece Ska/Punk, their signature sound in captures the raw essence of Ska-Punk with hard hitting dual vocals, Skanking guitars and addictive brass that take their influence from bands such as Streetlight manifesto, Sublime, Rancid, Reel Big Fish and Capdown.

6pm – The Cracked Actors: Ska-punk band from the West Midlands. Locally famous with a loyal fanbase, they serve upbeat ska, and laid back reggae at venues all across the UK.

7pm – Cartoon Violence: The Cartoon Violence sound is an insanely catchy affair that mixes super bouncy 2 tone ska with distinctly British sounding pop & indie stylings. Their songs capture the classic Brit Pop storytelling vibe of the likes of The Kinks, Madness, Squeeze, The Hotknives & Parklife-era Blur, with each tune lyrically being like a mini kitchen sink drama in its own right! Endless soaring energy, great sing-a-long choruses & wonderful piano/organ melodies are all hallmarks of the band’s unique ska sound.

8pm – The Splitters: For almost two decades, Leicester’s SPLITTERS have been dropping dynamite ska scorchers and heavy reggae loaded with realness from the forefront of the UK ska scene. With influences stretching from the Jamaican sound of the 1960s to the sonic styles of the new millennium, depicting the grit and grime of modern British life, with cool brass, wailing sirens and a hefty dollop of reality

9pm – Smoke Like A Fish: With an up tempo two-toned Ska-popunkish attack, Smoke like a Fish from Mid Wales relentlessly pump the off beat with groove and aggression, behind brass splattered riffs, catchy choruses and social comment.

10pm – Skalinskis: Formed in 1999, Stoke-based The Skalinskis  play a fusion of upbeat dub and ska with a hint of eastern European folk in the mix. In 2019 the band are currently a 6 piece eclectic combo with a tidy beat and a heavy brass section.

11pm – (Sound Curfew)


Apr 25 2020


3:30 pm - 11:00 pm


£25 Wristband

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