Remembering Who You Are …. with Jacqui Crooks

…. clearing ancestral trauma and creating a Vision for Your Future.

Most of our life is lived through the filters of what our ancestors experienced and the patterns and beliefs they created to survive. They wanted us to survive too, so they passed down to us what they thought was helpful.

And what was helpful to someone living maybe 600 years ago, or even 60 years ago, is unlikely to be helpful in 2023!

The world is very different now and we need to create our own unique ways of seeing it and living in it, to both survive and thrive.

When we recognise our ancestors role in us becoming who we are right now, we can acknowledge what we’ve learnt, keep what’s useful and release what’s outdated.

In this workshop we’ll be acknowledging the ancestors and their part in our lives and releasing all that’s no longer useful, the family patterns, belief systems and ways of seeing the world and ourselves. We’ll release all we’re carrying that is not us, freeing us to be our true selves.

We’ll clear any past life traumas that we are still carrying and all outdated vows, decisions, beliefs and strategies we may have created based on them.

We’ll clear any trauma from our time in the womb and during birth and create a new “magical” resourced rebirth for our subconscious to refer to from now on.

This gives us a new starting point for the next part of our life:)

We’ll also look at things that are creating problems for us in our life right now, track them back to their early roots and clear them.

We’ll also look at how we think life would be if we’re living it as our authentic selves and clear any fears or limiting beliefs that come up as we consider that.

Then as we reconnect more clearly and comfortably to the us that we really are when we’re not carrying all this “stuff” that isn’t us, we’ll find it so much easier to shine our light in the world and that’s what we all came for.

We’ll get a clearer idea of what’s important to us, what we want to create more of in our lives, and how to do that.

We came to be a bright light in the world and it doesn’t matter how we do that. Just by being our true self, the wise, powerful, loving version of us that we naturally are, allows our light to shine, raises our vibration and infects others with the joy of being ourselves, living in this beautiful world:)

Jacqui is one of the pioneers in Energy Psychology. She is an International speaker and trainer, an EFT Founding Master and is one of the authors of EFT and Beyond and the author of Tapping into Ancestral Healing.

Her background in NLP and Hypnosis helped her to create her unique way of working with EFT which allows deep level change quickly and easily without trauma.

Come and join us for this amazing day in Leek. We will have a relaxing lunch and you can rest in the Foxlowe Gardens or Brough park (see images) with your picnic or have a little wander around the Totally Locally Makers Market and get yourself some of our award winning bread and chocolate! Soup and cake will be available too in the Foxlowe if you prefer to relax in the Rainbow room.

Get in touch and we are very excited to welcome you. Love, Jacqui and Laura xx

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Sun, 3 Sep 2023

09:30 – 16:00 BST


Sep 03 2023


9:30 am - 4:00 pm



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