Outline Art Exhibition Starts

Outline Exhibition – Saturday 5th March to Saturday 16th April from 10am to 4pm.

Outline Art is a group of experienced artists who live on the borders of Cheshire and  Staffordshire.

Their work covers different styles across a wide range of disciplines, including painting, sculpture, photography, stitch and textiles, original printmaking and installation.

The collective aim is to bring high quality work to the attention of a wider audience and to ensure a stimulating visual experience for visitors to the exhibition.

There will be representatives from the group on two meet the artists days – Saturday 12th March and Wednesday 16th March  2-4.

Ondre Nowakowski

is a distinguished fine art photographer represented in public collections and by large works of public art. Current works include photo collages and mixed media assemblages.

Penny Beautiman

Mixed media relief prints using Lino, MDF, card and textures to produce colourful images of industry, harbours, urban views and areas of working activity. All prints are artist’s proofs and are limited to six.


Barbara Barlow

I am a printmaker specialising in reduction linocuts. I was taught the process in 2009.

Over time, I realised I was drawn to creating images of domestic pets, wild animals and birds. This surprised me as I hadn’t been particularly drawn to animal art before. After some self-analysis I realised what I was really interested in is the challenges provided when trying to make marks that represent hair, fur, wool and feather

My other interest is colour mixing. Printmaking inks are limited largely to primary colours. It is very difficult to recreate the same colour each time you embark on colour mixing and I find this aspect very exciting.


Margaret Brothwell

Life is a collage of chance moments, so too are these paintings.

The uncertainty of how they will weather over time is very much a part of them.


Estella Scholes

Printmaker working in collagraph, monoprint, etching, collage and artists books. Currently working with original print collage.

Estella Scholes MA. MAFA
Facebook- Art Estella Scholes @print.book.paint
Instagram- @estellascholes


Anne Mychalkiw

Designs for textiles and other surfaces. Textiles are mainly recycled and dyed fabrics. They are usually hand embroidered sometimes with machine embroidery. Often they are framed with fabric borders.
My designs appeal to all age groups.Squirrels, hedgehogs and foxes live in forests; riversides and meadows come alive with all kinds of creatures and birds.
You are invited to enter the scenes and makeup your own story.


Ann Roach
Mixed media paintings of various subjects. In this exhibition , vibrant expressive flowers and natural forms will be displayed. Smaller works explore immediate responses to mark making in watercolour , ink and collage.

Vicky Christmas

Pictures inspired from colour and light using different mediums.  I hope to convey my feelings in them and that you enjoy them too.


Bridget Bowie

The Gallery will be open from Wednesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm each week, and the first Sunday in each month, 11am to 4pm.


Mar 05 2022


10:00 am - 4:00 pm