Maybe DICK

Maybe DICK is Hambledon Productions’ new parody of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick – and is NOT to be missed if you need a good laugh!

In the midst of a 30-date tour, John Hewer performs his one man show playing over eight different characters.  There is Captain Ahab who bears more than a passing resemblance to Abraham Lincoln, Starbuck who brings the captain a wide variety of coffee in the morning, and Elijah the ship’s oddball. His incredible range sees him transform seamlessly into characters with such a huge variety of flawless accents.

Along with his seagull companion, the aptly named Steven Seagull, Maybe Dick is jam packed with silly humour but you don’t need to have read Moby Dick to get the jokes.  John Hewer says “The story-telling comes second to joke-telling, even though we’ve managed to stay pretty faithful to the book and the original characters.”

“The jokes came thick and fast. We left with huge, aching smiles.” – TheatreFest 

Buxton Review Summer 2023  ” … the script is rich with puns and comedy references. Rooted in the basics of the story and the well-known names/ characters, we have a very lively, very quick-witted script delivered by the talented John Hewer … if you miss one pun/ funny reference it’s a bit like the No 22 bus in London – there will be another one along in a moment. The show is inventive and very funny and goes along at a great pace.

“Of course it’s not just a witty script, there’s an attractive and inventive set, and entertaining props along with perfectly timed and designed sound effects – and even a (puppet) duck which seems to have a life of its own. You certainly don’t need to be familiar with Herman Melville’s novel.”

Perfect for a Friday evening – 8pm start, so you can still go to the pub afterwards.

“What do you get if you combine the silly humour of Tommy Cooper, quick gags of Tim Vine – and a seagull? A hilariously funny one-man show which will have even hardened comedy fans rolling on the floor laughing!” – Lincolnshire World


Jun 07 2024


8:00 pm

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