Forget Me Not – The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit

A one-man murder mystery with a poignant twist. And a show that has won awards galore plus plenty of great feedback from its many tours in this country and abroad.

Jim’s wife, a patient on a dementia ward, has died from what appears to be natural causes. Jim is a retired police detective and he smells a rat. He’s determined to solve one last murder. The problem is he also has dementia. It’s a case worthy of the greatest detective mind. But his will have to do.

Show creator and performer Rob Gee has achieved the rare feat of combining serious and potentially upsetting subject matter and remarkable comedy into a respectful, considerate, entertaining piece of theatre. Gee slips between 15 different colourful characters seamlessly and weaves together numerous brilliant plot twists, hilarious comedy and thought-provoking and delightfully clever drama.

Gee understands this complex subject well: ‘For everyone who says, ‘I don’t want to see this, my dad had Alzheimer’s’, you tend to have two others saying, ‘I really want to see this, my dad had Alzheimer’s.’ He worked for twelve years as a registered psychiatric nurse in UK and Australia. Now a full-time writer and performer, he wrote ‘Forget Me Not’ based on his experiences. Probably the biggest endorsement is that the NHS have used the show to help train healthcare staff in the area of compassion and ethics.

Audience comments include: ‘Compassionate and gritty. A tour de force! Very funny and moving and totally convincing in both character-acting and content… As though Chandler or Christie had risen and worked on a dementia ward… My mum has Alzheimer’s, so the show was a bit of light relief… Beautiful, insightful, humane, bringing light to a topic we normally shy away from… I have dementia. I loved it. I’ll feel really happy in the morning and I won’t know why!

★★★★★ ‘Smart, witty and razor-sharp. As funny, and heartbreaking, as hell.’ Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Tuesday 24 August   7.30pm

Tickets only available online     £12.50    Students £9.00


Aug 24 2021


Door time: 6:45pm
7:30 pm



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Foxlowe Arts Centre
Market Place, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 6AD