Bank Job (PG) – Now screening after a Covid break

Postponed from Wednesday, 23rd March due to Covid

All Donations to Fox Aid’s Ukrainian Appeal

Fed up with predatory economic institutions and drastic wealth disparity after the 2008 financial crisis, community-led movements are ready to take aim at archaic economic systems that are beneficial for a few and predatory to many.

Here is one community that does it with both verve and humour, not just in redistributing debt monies to those most in need but in making a heist film along the way.  The big question is  – Do they manage to blow the bloody doors off?

“A fun film about finance – really? From the very first frame I was hooked on this can-do documentary; it’s that good…. Following the 2008 banking crisis, Walthamstow, like many boroughs, was badly hit by austerity. People who needed cash were charged an obscene 676.6 % apr by a payday loan shark! Time to take action; but, asks an onscreen caption, “How does a small family in a far flung suburb of London with no experience whatsoever in activism kick start a project to write off millions of pounds worth of debt?  Answer: with imagination, energy and plenty of chutzpah. Within five years the couple had opened a bank, begun printing money, distributed £20,000 between a local youth centre, a soup kitchen, food bank and primary school and written off over £1m of household debt.”  The

“Brilliantly tantalizing, bursting with creative enthusiasm and bouncy energy, this cheeky work of artistic activism is out to subvert our debt-driven economy. Who says smashing injustice can’t be fun?”  Flick Filosopher 

It scored 100% on the Rotten Tomatoes’ tomatometer – we think that’s a good sign.

UK 2021 87 mins Dirs: Daniel Edelstyn and Hilary Powell

Admission free, although donations are welcome. All donations will go to Fox Aid’s Ukrainian Appeal in honour of the Ukrainian grandmother of one of the film makers.  Like many today, she had to flee her country, in her case in 1917.

We may screen their film about her experiences next season How to Re-Establish a Vodka Empire.

Cinema located on first floor – regrettably no disabled access.

Doors will open at 7pm to enable audience members to find seats whilst maintaining distance between groups. The film will start as usual at 7.45 pm.

At present we don’t plan to request pre-booking online, as our audience numbers are usually small enough to allow plenty of social distancing.  We will set the chairs out in pairs but guests will be welcome to move some of these to make up household groups, as long as they don’t compromise distancing for others.

Our bar is available and drinks can be taken into the film.  Please respect the fact that others attending the film and our film volunteers may be vulnerable and maintain social distancing while in the building.  While mask wearing is no longer compulsory, we request that audience members wear masks when entering or leaving the Rainbow room.

There will be a fairtrade stall in the bar before the film.


Mar 30 2022


Doors open 7:00pm
7:45 pm - 9:15 pm


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